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Window Draperies: How They Impact the Energy Efficiency in London, ON Properties

Window Draperies Energy Efficiency in London, ON

When you are facing cold temperatures in London, ON, it is essential that you have the right features to maintain a warm temperature in your home. Have you installed the upgrades that can improve energy efficiency? Start by considering the quality of your windows and draperies.

Thermal Transfer Through the Windows

It can be a challenge to keep your family warm if you have old windows in place. As the weather cools down, the cold air can start to creep in through the drafty windows. When the heater is running, you won’t gain the full benefits of the energy that is being used. Even though warm air is being moved into every room, the heat is lost through the windows.

This thermal transfer causes big problems with energy efficiency and runs up the utility bills. Not only do you need to pay more money for your monthly expenses, but you are also increasing your carbon footprint. Often, the inclination is to adjust the thermostat. But, adjusting the temperature only provides temporary relief from the cold.

Installing the right windows and window coverings can make a big difference to impact the energy efficiency in each room. For example, choose multiple panes of glass, along with thick, insulating fabric for the window draperies. This combination can block the drafty air, helping you keep more of the warm air inside.

Extra Layer of Insulation for the Windows

Even if you like to leave the draperies open during the day, it is nice to have an extra layer of protection at night. Closing the window draperies gives you the privacy that you desire. These coverings also protect your home from the cold air outside.

The winters in London, ON can be cold and harsh. So, you need to make sure that you focus on every small detail to protect the efficiency of your home. It might seem like a small change to add draperies. But, these products can go a long way to improve the comfort of each room.

Expert Recommendations

When you are choosing new window coverings, you don’t need to make the difficult decisions by yourself. Instead, tap into the knowledge that comes from an experienced team in the industry. Our staff here at Blinds By Design is always here to offer the recommendations that you need.

We will discuss the ways various window treatments can help with insulation and energy efficiency. In addition to the function of the window coverings, we will also help you choose the style that will look great with the other décor features in your home. Our goal is to design a home that you love!

For more information about window draperies, you can call us at Blinds By Design Ltd. You are invited to our spacious showroom at 51 Pinevalley Blvd #6, London, ON N6K 3T6, Canada. Or, call when you want to schedule an in-home consultation. We’re always available over the phone to answer any questions that you have about our products and services: (519) 681-9992

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Nicki Kranidis

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