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    What Style of Window Covering Will Look Good in Your St. Thomas, ON Home?

    Are you excited about the experience of choosing new window coverings for your St. Thomas, ON home? There are many products that you can consider, and it can be a fun process to compare the features and styles. As you are looking at the products, it is important to look at all of the products that are offered.

    Here at Blinds By Design, Ltd., we are working hard to provide the best window coverings in the industry. When you visit our showroom, you will have the opportunity to compare many products, including shades, shutters, and blinds. Is there a specific product that you desire? Then the best thing that you can do is talk to our team so that we can source the perfect products for your dream home.

    As you are talking to our expert team, you will quickly see that you can customize your window coverings to match the needs of your family. We will talk to you about materials, designs, features, and all other elements that will impact the outcome of your window covering installation.

    Most homeowners choose from these three popular types of window coverings:

    There is no doubt that shutters are at the top of the list because of the elegant design features that they add to every home. Shutters are sturdy and classy, giving you long-lasting benefits for your family. These products are functional and easy to use for people of all ages. Also, homeowners love the safety features of eliminating the cords if there are children or pets in the home.

    If you are thinking about shutters, then you need to know that these products are more expensive compared to other options in the industry. But, it is a good investment if you want products that will look good for a long time. You can’t go wrong when you choose shutters for your St. Thomas, ON home!

    We invite you to visit our showroom so that you can see the differences between plantation and interior shutters. You can compare the materials, colors, and features to pick the perfect window coverings for your family.

    It is easy to see why blinds are so popular because they offer a cost-effective solution to cover the windows. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that all blinds are cheap. There are many materials that can add a classy element to your home to improve the interior design of each room. You will have the opportunity to pick the color, size, and features in the blinds to create the products that you will love for many years.

    At the same time, there are also blinds that come in low-cost designs if you are on a tight budget. Landlords love that blinds can be a cheap way to outfit their rental properties. As you are designing your window coverings, compare wood, plastic, and metal materials to create the perfect materials to match your preferences.

    Usually, blinds are designed with horizontal slats connected with cords. But, you will also find options for vertical slats that slide along a track when they are opened or closed. When the blinds are closed, they will cover the window completely, giving you the privacy that you desire.

    While blinds and shutters use slats, window shades are designed with fabric that covers the glass. Shades can be constructed using rods that roll the fabric when you want to open the window. Or, you can choose shades that gather the fabric to the top of the window in a pleated pattern.

    One of the benefits of shades is that you can choose the fabric to match the décor of your home. Many other types of window coverings are basic wood, but shades can use patterned fabric in any color that you desire. These window coverings are both beautiful and functional, helping to add a pop of color to your living space.

    Investing in Window Coverings
    Should you spend the money on new window coverings for your home? There are many reasons why you will love this investment. Not only will the shades, blinds, or shutters improve the appearance of your home, but they also help with the function of the windows as well.

    It can be a tough decision to choose the design that is best for your St. Thomas, ON property. So, you need to schedule a consultation with our team to learn more. We will come to your home and inspect the windows, then make recommendations to match your preferences.

    Right now is a great time to get started on your home improvement projects! Talk to our team here at Blinds By Design Ltd. to learn more about the options that we offer. Our showroom is located at 151 Pine Valley Blvd #6 London, ON N6K 3T6, Canada. Or, you are welcome to call to schedule an appointment: (519) 681-9992