3 Ways to Tell You Need New Window Treatments in London, ON

Window Treatments in London, ON

How do you know when it is time to replace the window treatments in your home? It can be a challenge to be a homeowner and choose the right use of your home renovation budget. There are always options to upgrade your living space: painting, flooring, window treatments, and more. You need to set some goals, and then assess your priorities for the appearance and function of your home.

If you have been delaying window treatments, then it might be time to take the plunge and install new products. Here are three tips from our experienced team, helping you know if your window coverings need to be replaced:

  1. Visible Damage to the Window Coverings

There are a variety of ways that window coverings might be damaged. Some homes have broken slats or tangled cords, due to kids playing in the room and breaking the materials. Sometimes draperies are shredded by a cat or dog. In other instances, an accident could damage the window coverings. For example, dropping a drink that splashes on the drapes.

In some situations, broken parts can be replaced, or the drapes can be cleaned. But, don’t waste your time with small repairs if the window treatments are damaged beyond repair. Invest your money in new products instead.

  1. Outdated Styles

Even though the window coverings are functional and in good condition, they might be outdated because the styles have changed. It might seem like a small detail, but the truth is that window styles have a big influence on the overall appearance of your home. Outdated materials make your home look old and in need of repair. If you have shabby, retro window treatments, then you could be sending the wrong message when friends and family come to visit.

You only have a few moments to set a good first impression. So, you need to be careful to design window coverings that leave a lasting impression on your visitors. Get rid of the outdated styles and choose new features that will make your home look modern and welcoming.

  1. Functional Upgrades

The final reason that might motivate you to install new window treatments is to improve the function of these products. How easy is it to open and close the blinds or shades? If you run into problems when you are trying to cover the windows, then it is a sign that you need to install new materials.

Functional upgrades help to insulate the windows during the cold months. These materials can also affect the sunlight that comes into each room. Even though the details might seem small, they make a big difference to influence the long-term comfort for your family.

At Blinds By Design Ltd, we are here to help you choose the best window treatments for your home. If you live in London, ON, then you need to contact us to schedule a consultation. Visit our office at 51 Pinevalley Blvd #6, London, ON N6K 3T6, Canada. Or, call to discuss the services that we provide: (519) 681-9992

Nicki Kranidis

Nicki Kranidis

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